The Ministry of Education urge to run schools in two shifts

Kathmandu, April 16

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has urged to run the school in shifts. As the corona virus is on the rise, the ministry has requested stakeholders to run big and large schools in shifts.

The ministry made the request in a statement on Friday and urges to run the school by adopting all the measures of health standards and to run the school in two shifts as much as possible. The statement also includes that the use of sanitizers, masks and soapy water mandatory in schools . And for schools with large numbers of students to run classes in two shifts.

Similarly, the ministry has also given the right to close schools to the local level. In addition, the ministry has suggested that such schools be closed or designated as per the decision of the concerned local level in coordination with the District Covid 19 Crisis Management Center in the case of districts, cities and locations classified as high risk of infection.

The ministry also concluded that the school should not be closed immediately. Therefore, the ministry has requested to adopt precautions for corona virus.