July 18, 2024, Thursday

Daraz are gaining popularity in the Nepali market

Daraz are gaining popularity in the Nepali market

Monika Maharjan

The online shopping company has updated the return process if a consumer receives an incorrect or damaged package when shopping on daraz.

As stated by the company, if a consumer receives an incorrect or faulty package, he or she can return it via the app or website. According to Srijana Subedi, chief customer officer at Daraz, returning things to the company is quick and straightforward.

We have revised our 7-day return policy to a 14-day return policy across all products. If a consumer receives incorrect or damaged packages, they can return them through the app or website. According to chief customer officer samjhana subedi a new return reason has been added: counterfeit, which allows a consumer to return a goods within 14 days if it is phony or not real. If the consumer purchased the product from Daraz Mall and it was proved to be false or not real, he or she will obtain 2x money back if the reason is valid under the counterfeit.

Daraz’s Chief customer Officer, Subedi, stated that the company is responding to client issues. ” Handling client complaints for us necessitate not just resolving the customer’s issues, but also make sure that they do not happen again,” she stated.Over andabove that we will identify the root cause of the problem.

Daraz has made adjustments to their return policy, ensuring that consumer data, privacy, and security are protected. Since 2016, the company has been providing online shopping services in Nepal. According to Sanjana Subedi, Chief Consumer Officer of Daraz Online eCommerce, the company conforms to worldwide security standards.

We want to make the customer of daraz feel safe. We invite you to conduct business with us.
Therefore, we strictly cling to the highest international security standards,” she said.

Daraz announces layoffs during changes.

Daraz Group, Alibaba’s e-commerce platform, has announced layoffs throughout its businesses in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar, citing the need for a “more organized and adaptable structure.”

Acting CEO James Z. Dong relayed this message in an internal memo obtained by Reuters. The memo did not disclose the number of affected employees. The memo failed to indicate the number of persons affected by the layoff. Daraz refused to comment on the proportion or absolute number of employees affected in its activities in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.

According to information provided by Daraz to Reuters last year, the company employed approximately 3,000 people across its various locations before implementing an 11% workforce reduction due to challenging market conditions, the conflict in Ukraine, interruptions in the supply chain, rising prices, increased taxes, and fewer federal subsidies, among other reasons.

Regardless of investigating several possible, Daraz’s outlay continued to fall short of financial expectations, necessitating immediate action to assure its long-term viability and development, Dong added.

The change comes around a month after the departure of Bjarke Mikkelsen, Daraz’s founder and long-time CEO. At that time, Mikkelsen stated that Dong would try to ameliorate Daraz’s will merge with its sister platforms via Alibaba. These include Lazada, Trendyol, and Ali Express.

Dong, who works additionally as Lazada’s group CEO, stated that Daraz’s “cost structure continues to fall short of our budgetary targets.” He stated that the corporation has to act rapidly to ensure its long-term survival and growth.

In 2018, Alibaba, a prominent Chinese internet corporation, acquired Daraz, a Pakistani online fashion business launched in 2012.
The company’s businesses include e-commerce, logistics, payment infrastructure, and financial services. It serves more than 30 million customers and has over 200,000 active merchants and partnerships with over 100,000 brands.