Why Should We Protect Tigers ?

– Sangita Poudel

Every year 29 July is celebrated as “Global tiger Day” across the world to make awareness about conservation of the tigers and the declining population of them and making efforts to save them from going extinct.

The decision to celebrate the day 29 July as International Tiger Day came after the Saint Petersburg Declaration on Tiger consservation that was signed in 2010.

 Nepal also celebrates the day by organizing several programs across the country.There are now an estimated 235 wild tigers in the country, nearly doubling the baseline of around 121 tigers in 2009.

Why Should We Protect Protect Tigers ?

The tiger has an inherent value representing the cultural, religious and spiritual practices in Nepal along with other south Asian countries.

Tigers remain at the top of the jungle food chain and they are the integral part of the forest ecosystem. If they become extinct the balance in nature will be disrupted.

Due to tigers’ presence at jungles; common human hesitate to go to jungles  and stay away from it and because of it jungles too couldnot be destroy much by humans. In that sense, tigers are the protector of jungles.

Another reason why we should save tiger is that, we live a little longer as the forests are known to provide ecological services like clean air, water, pollination, temperature regulation etc.