Why did Nepse stopped share trading and seeked clarification of Kisan Laghubitta?

Kathmandu, March 23

Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) has stopped the trading of shares of Kisan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. and asked for an explanation.

Nepse has stated that the share trading has been stopped as the company has shared information against the rules affecting the price of securities. A meeting of the board of directors of the company held on Chaitra 6 proposed to issue 100 percent of the rights shares and revised the proposal to issue the rights shares.

There is a provision that if any information is created that affects the price of securities, it should be submitted to Nepse on the same day or the day before the opening of trading.

The Nepse has sent letter, asking why the proposal of the Board of Directors to issue the rights has not been informed in time?