What to do to protect smartphone from getting wet in the rain?

Nowadays, innumerable things can be done on mobile. Life without mobile is becoming incomplete. Smart phones are not something you can buy on your own. We pay a lot of money to buy a mobile phone so that it can be used for a long time.

The monsoon has already started. With the arrival of the monsoon, the rains have started all over the country. During the rainy season, people have to worry about the disaster as well as another concern is how to protect their mobile phones from getting wet and how to keep their smartphones safe.

During the rainy season, we can keep our smartphone in our pocket or bag and use the Bluetooth device to talk to someone on the phone. We don’t have to take our phone out or soak it in water for talking.

If we buy a smartphone by paying thousands of rupees, we don’t forget to buy a phone case with some extra money. If it does not damage the screen, it will prevent ‘accidental damage’. Because when there is a drop of water on the screen, there is no other option but to repair it by spending another.

If we are stuck in the rain and then it is advisable to switch off our phone and put it in the inner pocket. It is safer to wrap the phone in polythene or paper.

When buying a new cover for smartphone, buy a waterproof cover. To protect phone, even if it is only in the rainy season, we have to put a waterproof shell on our phone.