What is the opening price of Singati Hydro’s IPO; How much will NEPSE rate?

Kathmandu, April 11

Singati Hydro Energy Pvt. Ltd. has recently distributed shares to the general. It is seen that the compay’s IPO will be ranged from Rs. 100 to Rs. 300 on the first day of the trading by NEPSE.

The company’s net worth per share for the fiscal year 2076/77 is Rs. 100. Nepse sets a price range of up to three times the net worth for the company’s first transaction. The company had issued 29 lakh IPOs since Chaitra 6. Out of that, 154,000 shares have been distributed for collective investment funds and 58,000 shares for employees.

The company had issued the remaining 26 lakh 97 thousand shares to the public. The IPO was distributed on Chaitra 27. In the distribution, 269,700 people received shares at the rate of 10 lots.

In total, 15 lakh 65 thousand 530 people had applied for the shares. Of them, 15 lakh 59 lakh 802 eligible applications were received and 5,728 applications were rejected. Out of the eligible applicants, 12 lakh 9 thousand 102 were empty handed.