The World Bank has provided a loan of Rs. 17.78 billion for the affected people

The World Bank has provided the loan for the recovery from the Covid-19 epidemic and for the protection and sustainable development of the extremely poor and at-risk. The bank has provided a loan of 150 million, which will be around Rs 17.78 billion.

This project will help accelerate the ongoing large-scale development projects of nature that will create employment, mobilize the market and support green revival.


Speaking at the signing ceremony, Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, Shishir Kumar Dhungana, said that the program would be implemented to revive the economy affected by COVID-19, accelerate economic activities and support green growth.

He also claimed that the amount allocated for the construction of infrastructure in the current fiscal year will be mobilized within this fiscal year.


Speaking on the occasion, Faris Hadad Jarvos, World Bank National Director for Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka, said the project would help achieve sustainable growth in Nepal during and after the Covid-19 epidemic.