The profit of Nepal Electricity Authority is 16.9 billion

The profit of Nepal Electricity Authority is 16.9 billion

Nepal Electricity Authority has greatly increased the profit in the last financial year 2078/79. Due to the control of electricity leakage and increase in electricity consumption, the profit of the authority has reached 16.9 billion rupees. According to the unrefined financial report published by the authority, this profit is 164 percent more than last year’s 6 billion 100 million rupees.

The Authority has earned a net income of 87 billion rupees from the sale of electricity alone, which is 22 percent more than the previous year. Due to the campaign to supply enough electricity to large industries, the overall electricity consumption increased by 27 percent last year. According to the authority, the annual energy consumption per person has increased from 325 units to 350 units by the end of last year, but it has reached 351 units. Besides, 16 percent more electricity has been obtained from the authority’s projects, and the profit has also increased.

It has been seen that the trial period free electricity received from the Upper Tamakosi Hydropower Project has also contributed to increase the profit of the authority.

In the year 2072-73, the authority which had a loss of eight billion 89 million rupees, has been continuously making profits in the following years. Last year’s profit is the highest so far. In the year 2073-74, the authority made a profit of 1 billion 500 million rupees, in the year 2076-77, it made a profit of 11 billion 75 million rupees, but in the year 2077-78, it decreased to 6 billion 10 million rupees.

It has been seen that the profit of the authority has also increased due to the reduction of electricity leakage from 17.18 to 15.38 percent. With this control alone, the authority has got an additional income of about two billion rupees compared to the previous year.