The NAV of schemes operated under NMB Mutual Fund increases

As of Chaitra, the NAV (Net Asset Value) of both the schemes operated under NMB Mutual Fund has increased. NMB Fifty and NMB Hybrid Fund L-1 have increased their NAV.

By the end of Falgun, the NAV of NMB Hybrid Fund L-1 was Rs. 15.03, which has now increased and reached to Rs. 15.87.

NMB Hybrid Fund L-1 has earned a profit of Rs. 51 crore 9 lakh by the end of Chaitra. This profit was Rs. 43 crore 49 lakh 67 thousand till the end of Falgun..

Similarly, NMB Fifty’s NAV has reached to Rs. 17.57. The NAV of this scheme by the end of Falgun was Rs. 16.37. By the end of Chaitra, along with the NAV of both these schemes, the profit has also increased.

On Falgun, NMB Fifty has earned a profit of  Rs. 74 crore 56 lakh 37 thousand. Whereas by the end of Chaitra, it has earned Rs. 89 crore 63 lakh 22 thousand.

The market value is higher than the cost of investment in both these schemes. The rise in share prices of companies invested in both the schemes in Chaitra led to an increase in profits and investments, including NAV.