Sunrise First Mutual Fund: How much investment in shares?

Kathmandu, March 17

The per unit net asset value (NAV) of Sunrise First Mutual Fund operated under Sunrise Mutual Fund has reached Rs. 17.05 by the end of Falgun.

According to the unrevised financial statement of the ten-year plan for Falgun end, the net profit in Falgun has increased compatively to Magh, the net profit was Rs 15.05. The scheme, managed by Sunrise Capital, has increased its investment in listed shares to Rs 752 million by Falgun. Till Magh, the investment in listed shares was Rs 733 million. Similarly, the scheme has invested Rs. 33.1 million through public eviction, entitlement and bonus share. Which was Rs. 64.1 million in Magh.

The scheme has an investment of Rs 125.7 million in bonds and bonds has a term deposit of Rs 140 million. A total of Rs 1.4 billion has been invested under this scheme and net income has increased by Rs 583 million.

The scheme has invested in 12 commercial banks in general share group and one founder in shares. Similarly, it has invested in 5 development banks, one finance, 8 microfinance, 3 life insurance companies, 5 non-life insurance companies, 6 hydropower companies, 2 investment group companies and one other and hotel and tourism group companies.