Prudential Insurance calls for AGM on Baisakh 19; What are the agendas for discussion?

Kathmandu, April 23

Prudential Insurance Company Limited is scheduled to hold its 19th annual general meeting on Jestha 2. The company has informed that the meeting will be held at Hotel Ichchha Simara, Bara at 11 am.

A meeting of the company’s board of directors held on Baisakh 9 decided to hold a general meeting. The meeting will pass a resolution to distribute 8 percent bonus shares and 0.42 percent cash dividend (for tax purposes).

In addition, the company will pass a special resolution to increase the paid-up capital after the bonus shares from 60 percent share ownership in the group of founding shareholders and 40 percent public share to 51 percent in the founding share ownership and 49 percent in the general group.

In addition, the other proposal of the meeting is to increase the authorized capital of the company, to amend the management letter and rules accordingly, and to elect two directors in the board of directors on behalf of the general shareholders.

For the purpose of the general meeting, the shareholders’ book will be closed from Baisakh 19 to Jestha 2. The existing shareholders till Baisakh 16 will be able to participate in the general meeting and receive dividends.