Police Submitted a Report on Illegal Kidney Transplant by Nidan Hospital

Anti-Human Trafficking Bureau of Nepal Police submitted investigation report on ‘illegal’ kidney transplant by Nidan Hospital to the District Attorney Office, Lalitpur, today.

Kidney receiver Lama, 56, of Doramba, Ramechhap, was supposed to legally receive a kidney from his nephew, Sanjeev Ghising, on August 8. But on the day of the transplantation the family of the patient ‘with the support of the hospital’ produced a different person with forged documents replacing Ghising to donate kidney.

Police had arrested hospital’s Legal Officer Kumud Kumar Bhattarai, General Physician Rajesh Panta, Section Officer of Lalitpur District Office Ram Chandra Ale and the kidney recipient Lama

According to Section 15 (c) of the act, any person involved in illegal extraction of human organ shall be liable to imprisonment for 10 years and a fine ranging from Rs 250,000 to Rs 500,000