No need to visit DP to reset ‘Mero Share’ password; Investor can reset ‘Mero Share’ password themself

Kathmandu, April 11

Now, “Mero Share” portal password can be reset by the investor themself. Incase of password forgotten, they don’t need to visit bank or capital to reset their password.

CDSC spokesperson Suresh Neupane informed that this facility will be provided on the ‘Mero Share’ portal from Ashar. According to him, technical assignment is being done to bring this facility. “As the upgrading work of the portal is being done,” he said.

Currently, if the user forgets the password of ‘Mero Share’, they should go to the concerned DP and request for reset. Nowadays, there is a daily rush in DP to reset the password. CDSC claims that if the facility of resetting the password is provided, the investors will no longer have to wait in line for hours to reach the DP.