New Record in Stock Trading

The share transaction amount has set a new record. Shares worth Rs 14.76 billion have been traded so far on Thursday. The amount was traded when 41,13,994 shares were bought and sold. Contrary to the expectation that the transaction amount will decrease as the bank is not allowed to trade in the share market, the transaction amount has set a new record when investors come to the hydropower company.

Although a new record was set in Thursday’s trading volume, the index declined modestly. 1. Nepse has decreased by 2 points and stood at 2815 points.

On this day, investors of hydropower companies have earned more value. Prices of Nepal Hydro Developers, Khanikhol Hydro, United Modi, Arun Kabeli, Reedy Hydropower, Joshi, Api, Divyashwori Hydropower have gone up by about 10 percent.