Nepse reached the highest point so far; more than 9 arba shares traded

Kathmandu, April 4

On Sunday, the Nepse index has reached at the highest point till the time. Today, the index has increased by 0.98 percent and reached to 2,657.61 points.

On the first trading day of this week, the Nepse index has increased by 25.71 points. Earlier, the Nepse index had reached 2,640.34 points on Falgun 9. The high point of Falgun 9 was crossed by Nepse on Sunday. Meanwhile, the Sensitive Index, which measures the turnover of large companies, also raised by 0.93 point to 470.75 points.

In the past, there was a turnover of over Rs. 10 arba 61 crore. However, the trading volume had declined in the recent days. The highest amount ever traded on Nepse was on Magh 26. After 24 trading days on Sunday, more than 9 arba shares were traded in Nepse. On this day, 212 companies total of 1,81,73,378 shares worth Rs. 9 arba 68 lakh 58 thousand were traded.

The highest amount of shares of Nepal Infrastructure Bank was traded on Sunday. The company’s total of Rs. 46 crore 81 lakh 10 thousand shares were traded. The company with the highest turnover fell by 2.35 percent. On this day, the share price of the company fell by Rs. 14 and the final price Rs. 581 has been maintained. The price of the company, which has the highest number of shares listed in the secondary market, seems to have been affected by the sell-off in the market.

Non-life insurance group investors gained the most on Sunday, while business group investors lost the most. On this day, the index of non-life insurance group has increased the most by 3.41 percent while the index of business group has decreased the most by 4.39 percent. Along with the business group, the index of investment group decreased by 2.35 percent, hotels and tourism group by 0.84 percent, manufacturing and processing by 0.15 percent and mutual funds by 0.86 percent.

Along with non-life insurance group, 3.41 percent of other groups, 3.66 percent of finance group, 1.5 percent of hydropower, 0.81 percent of banking, 0.84 percent of development bank, 0.47 percent of microfinance and 0.89 percent of life insurance. The indicator has increased.

Shares of seven companies raised more than 9 percent and shares of three companies fell more than 4 percent today. Shares of Salt Trading Corporation fell by 4.63 percent, Support Microfinance fell by 4.13 percent and Hydropower, Investment and Development Company fell by 4.5 percent.

Similarly, Womi Microfinance and General Insurance by 9.99 percent, Radhi Vidyut by 9.98 percent, IME General Insurance by 9.97 percent, NIC Asia Microfinance by 9.95 percent, Sanima General Insurance by 9.93 percent and Sanjen Hydropower Company by 9.87 percent has increased share price.