Nepse reached its highest point so far; last trading day of 2077 BS

Kathmandu, April 13

NEPSE increased and reached the highest point so far on the last trading day of 2077 BS. The market closed at 0.86 percent on this day. The market has increased by 23.23 points and reached 2,714.79 points.

The market had dropped from 2,698.07 points to 2,688 points on Tuesday. On the last trading day of this year, Nepse has maintained its highest point so far. The Sensitive Index also raised by 1.25 percent and has reached to 486.28 points on Tuesday. The sensitive index has increased by 5.99 points.

The market, which had been closed since Chaitra 10 last year due to corona infection, was reopened from Baisakh 30. The open market on Baisakh 30 and Baisakh 31 was affected by the negative circuit so, the regulatory body and the market operator had closed the market only after preparing the grounds for full use of the online trading system.

Nepal stock was able to be traded through a complete online trading system after the ongoing lockdown in the country on Ashard 15. Comparing the Nepse index of Chaitra 9, last year with the current Nepse index, it has risen by 1,463.34 points in one year.

The Nepse index was at 1,251.45 points on Chaitra 9 last year. This year, NEPSE has set a historic record. Stakeholders are hopeful that the market, which has bid a positive farewell to 2077 BS, will pick up positive momentum in the next year.

On Tuesday, 209 companies traded 76,094 times worth Rs. 7 arba 14 crore 31 lakh 51 thousand shares have been traded. A total of 1,46,91,643 shares worth the amount were traded. The most traded stock on this day was of Nabil Bank. The company’s total of 28 crore 62 lakh 60 thousand shares were traded. The share price of the company with the highest turnover has risen by 2.37 percent. On this day, the share price of the company raised by Rs. 32 and the final price is Rs. 1,380 has been maintained.

On this day, the index of development bank group has increased the most by 3.41 percent while that of banking group has increased by 2.3 percent. Similarly, the indices of traders increased by 1.79 percent, hydropower by 1.23 percent, finance by 0.28 percent and mutual funds by 0.43 percent.

Investors in hotels and tourism groups have lost the most from Tuesday’s market. The hotel and tourism group’s index fell the most at 1.61 percent on the day. Similarly, the indices of non-life insurance decreased by 0.65 percent, manufacturing and processing by 0.38 percent, others by 0.36 percent, microfinance by 0.27 percent, life insurance by 0.29 percent and investment group by 0.45 percent.

Shares of five companies, including NIC Asia Laghubitta Sanstha, raised by more than 9 percent on the day. The biggest gainers were NIC Asia Microfinance at 9.97 percent, Mountain Energy Nepal at 9.89 percent, Jyoti Life Insurance at 9.83 percent, Sindhu Development Bank at 9.82 percent and Chhyangdi Hydro at 9.80 percent.

Shares of Laxmi Laghubitta and Global IME Microfinance fell by more than 4 percent today. Shares of both companies fell by 4.27 percent.