NEPSE lifted suspension on Kisan Laghubitta; Company’s share can be traded now

Kathmandu, April 1

Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) has removed the suspension on Kisan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. On Chaitra 10, NEPSE had suspended the share trading of the company.

Nepse had stopped the company’s business and demanded an explanation saying that it had made public the information affecting the securities price. Nepse has warned the company not to repeat such mistakes in the coming days and to make the internal management efficient and correct.

The company said that it has decided to issue the right shares only after consulting with the concerned authorities due to insufficient capital funds. The company removed the proposal on the second day and re-published the general meeting. The company also said that it was delayed for some time as it had to get a new user ID for the same day. The company said in a statement that it had “no intentions” to influence the stock market and that it was all due to human error.