NEPSE index up by 15 points; NCC Bank has the highest turnover

Kathmandu, April 22

On the last trading day of the week, the stock market has increased by 15.80 points and reached 2,648 points. On this day, the NEPSE index has increased by 0.60 percent. On this day, the sensitive index has increased by 3.21 points and reached 476.60 points.

On Thursday, the index of the Development Bank Group has increased the most by 1.33 percent.

Similarly, 0.51 percent of banking, 0.31 percent of commercial, 0.19 percent of hydropower, 0.11 percent of finance, 0.88 percent of non-life insurance, 0.86 percent of production and processing, 1.7 percent of others, 1.02 percent of microfinance, 0.67 percent of life insurance and 0.17 percent of investment groups have increased.

On the same day, the index of hotels and tourism group decreased by 1.45 percent and that of mutual funds by 0.45 percent. Shares of six companies raised sharply on the day. The share price of Bishal Bazaar Company and Sindhu Bikas Bank has risen by 10 percent and the share price of four other companies has risen by more than 9 percent.

Shares of Mahila Laghubitta raisend by 9.97 percent, Green Development Bank by 9.95 percent, Jyoti Life Insurance by 9.93 percent and NCC Bank by 9.84 percent.

Rs. The share price of the company, which has been open since 3,024, is Rs. 288 and the final price is Rs. 3 thousand 168 has been reached. Similarly, the final share price of Indus Development Bank increased by 10 percent to Rs. 286 has been maintained. On this day, the share price of the company is Rs. It has increased by 26.

The share price of Himalayan Energy Development Company has dropped the most by 3.44 percent on this day. The share price of the company fell by Rs. 13 and the final price is Rs. 365 has been maintained.

In a double-digit growth market, a total of 1 crore 30 lakh 32 thousand 823 shares worth Rs. 5 arba 91 crore 51 lakh 39 thousand have been traded. The transaction was made by 214 companies for 75,108 times.

NCC Bank has the highest turnover today. The company’s shares worth Rs. 62 crore 27 lakh 79 thousand were traded.