NEPSE index raised by double digits today; traded more than 7 arba worth of shares

Kathmandu, April 6

The market raised by double digits on Tuesday, the third day of the trading week. Today, the market has raised by 15.72 points. At the same time, the Nepse index has raised and reached to 2674.46 points. This is the highest point ever reached by Nepse.

Today, the tourism and hotel group has raised the most by 205.79 points. The production and processing group increased by 183.91 points, the development bank group by 29.97 points, the hydropower group by 114.05 points, the microfinance group by 64.19 points, the mutual fund group by 0.02 points and the investment group by 2.72 points.

On this day, the trade group has declined the most by 432.25 points. The non-life insurance group declined by 287.76 points, while the life insurance group declined by 191.42 points, the banking group by 0.59 points, the finance group by 3.36 points and the other group by 3.9 points.

Today, a total of 1,61,08,499 shares of 213 companies listed in Nepse have been bought and sold at a price of Rs. 7 arba 47 crore 77 lakh 95 thousand 736.

NIFRA had the highest turnover of Rs. 39 crore 80 lakh on this day. Chilime Hydropower had a turnover of Rs. 31 crore 1o lakh, Upper Tamakoshi had of Rs. 29 crore 20 lakh, Himalayan Distillery had of Rs. 22 crore 18 lakh, Himalayan General Insurance had of Rs. 21 crore 28 lakh, Nepal Bank had of Rs 17 crore 68 lakh and Ajod Insurance had of Rs. 16 crore 61 lakh, Butwal Power had of Rs. 16 crore 2 lakh, Nepal Telecom had of Rs. 15 crore 29 lakh and Rasuwagadhi Hydropower had a turnover of Rs. 14 crore 78 lakh.

While, Chilime Hydropower, Universal Power, United Idi Mardi, Chandragiri Hills, Womi Microfinance, NIC Asia Microfinance, Mahila Microfinance, Sanjen Microfinance, Shivshree Hydropower, Panchakanya Mai Hydropower and Chyangdi Hydropower gained 10 percent each. Share prices of Rasuwagadhi Hydropower, Butwal Power and Joshi Hydropower have also raised by more than 9 percent on this day.

Shares of Salt Trading lost the most today. The company’s share price has fell by 10 percent and started a negative circuit. Similarly, the share prices of Sanima General Insurance and Ajod Insurance have also declined by 9 percent.