Nepse index fell and closed at 2,661 points; Chandragiri Hills share price fell at the most

Kathmandu, April 19

The stock market, which had been declining since the first trading day of this week, closed lower on the second day as well.

The market closed at 2,661.93 points, which declined by 1.39 percent i.e. 37.58 points on Monday. The Sensitive Index also fell by 1.45 percent and reached 479.10 points today. Compared to the previous trading day, the sensitive index has decreased by 7.6 points. On Monday, a total of 1,42,768 shares worth Rs. 6 arba 76 crore 68 lakh 1 thousand were traded. It was traded 73,582 times by 213 companies.

The highest amount of shares of the Citizens Investment Trust has been bought and sold on Monday. A total of 71,044 shares worth Rs. 28 arba 34 lakh 47 thousand were traded. The share price of the company with the highest turnover fell by 2.94 percent. The price of the company fell by Rs. 121 and has been maintained to Rs. 3,994.

Investors in the hydropower and finance groups earned on Monday. Of the 13 group indicators traded on the day, the finance group increased by 0.48 percent and the hydropower group by 0.12 percent.

On this day, the index of hotels and tourism group has declined the most by 6.17 percent. Similarly, 2.9 percent by business group, 1.86 percent by banks, 1.94 percent by development bank, 1.77 percent by non-life insurance, 0.74 percent by production and processing, 1.32 percent by others, 1.18 percent by microfinance, 0.57 by life insurance, mutual fund by 0.65 percent and investment group by 0.57 percent have declined

Shares of Jyoti Life Insurance and Mahila Laghubitta raised the most in Monday’s trading, while Chandragiri Hills Ltd. fell the most. The share price of Jyoti Life Insurance has raised by 9.98 percent and the share price of Mahila Laghubitta has raised 9.94 percent. The share price of Jyoti Life increased by Rs. 62 and the final price has maintained to Rs. 683 per unit, while the share price of Mahila Laghubitta increased by Rs. 132 per unit and the final price has maintained Rs. 1,460 per unit.

Shares of Chandragiri Hills, which released its financial statements for the third quarter of the current fiscal year on Monday, fell 9.80 percent. On this day, the share price of the company fell by Rs. 236 per unit and the price of shares has dropped to Rs. 2,173. The company had a net loss of Rs. 18 crore 11 lakh 20 thousand. Compared to last year, the net loss has of the company has increased this year. As soon as the quarterly financial reports were made public, the share price happened to declined.