Nepse increased by 2.56 points, while the transaction amount decreased

Kathmandu, March 16

On Tuesday, the Nepse index raised by 2.56 points, where the transaction amount fell down.

The Nepse index, which has been declining continuously since last week, has risen by 0.11 percent on this day. The Nepse index, which closed at 2,389.19 points, down 0.75 percent i.e. 18.07 points on Monday, had opened at 2,400.05 points on Tuesday.

The open market had increased by 10.86 points in the pre-opening session and reached 2,416.84 points in the regular session. On this day, the market has risen to 2,369.66 points. The market had shown signs of recovery since Monday. The market, which opened at 2,418.51 points on Monday, had dropped to 2,380.53 points and reached 2,432.18 points.

The market has been affected by rumors of interest rate hike by banks and financial institutions for some time now. However, the interest rates announced by banks and financial institutions have not increased significantly compared to the past. Compared to Falgun, interest rates on deposits and loans have increased modestly in Chaitra. Business areas affected by the covid have returned to normal.

As the demand for credit in banks and financial institutions increases after the economic sector moves, it is natural that liquidity will decrease. However, analysts say that Nepal’s stock market and the interest rates of banks and financial institutions are affected.

Dambaru Ballabh Ghimire, who has nearly four decades of experience in the stock market, suggests not to follow the rumors of interest rates and liquidity to invest the money he has. Ghimire argues that there is no need to panic as you can get more profit from this sector even if you invest by taking loan from banks and financial institutions.

He is confident that the money will flow into the capital market if the capital market investors are also involved in other business sectors of the economy.

On Tuesday, after a long period of continuous market decline, the market seems to have reached a few points in the last time to buy cheap shares. The Sensitive Index also raised from 0.10 percent i.e. 430.49 points.

On the day the market improved, the transaction amount in Nepse has decreased. On this day, 216 companies traded 46,540 times for Rs. 9 billion 12 thousand 853 lots of shares equal to 3 billion 375.6 million 99 thousand shares have been bought and sold.

Nepal Life Insurance has the largest share in the transaction amount. On this day of Nepal Life’s total of 193.879 million shares were traded. The share price of the company with the highest turnover was Rs. 35 and the final price is Rs. 1 thousand 997 has been established.

On the same day, the index of hotels and tourism group increased the most by 3.36 percent while that of business group decreased the most by 1.92 percent. The index of life insurance increased by 67 percent, that of insurance by 1.46 percent and that of investment group by 0.22 percent.  In the market where the index of business group has declined the most, the index of development bank has decreased by 0.9 percent, hydropower by 1.51 percent, non-life insurance by 0.53 percent, others by 1.7 percent and mutual fund by 0.6 percent.

On this day, the share price of the founder of Rastriya Bima Company has dropped the most by 8.81 percent. The founding share price of the company is Rs. 1,363 and the final price was Rs. 14 thousand 100 has been maintained.