Nepse increased by 2.56 percent, with a turnover of around Rs 6 billion

Kathmandu, March 21

On Sunday, the first trading day of the week, the Nepse index raised by 2.56 percent and reached to 2,500 points. On this day, the index increased by 63.38 points and closed at 2,536.46 points.

The market, which increased by 1.77 percent i.e. 42.42 points on the previous trading day (on Thursday) had closed at 2,475.09 points and had opened at 2,494.48 points on Sunday. Meanwhile, the Sensitive Index raised by 2.13 percent and reached to 453.59 points. The Sensitive Index raised by 9.44 points today. 

The market, which started rising from Tuesday, the third trading day of last week, has continued on the first day of this week. The transaction amount has also increased on this day. Last Thursday, a total of 111,130,196 shares worth Rs 4.64 billion were traded. On Sunday, a total of 1,24,30,002 shares worth Rs 5.91 billion were traded. This transaction was done by 206 companies in 80 thousand 986 times.

On this day, Nepal Bangladesh Bank has the largest share in the total transaction amount. With the rumour to be with Nabil Bank the Bangladesh Bank’s share has been raised.Nabil Bank has not made any official decision regarding the acquisition.

On Sunday, Nepal Bangladesh Bank’s shares worth Rs 399.02 million were traded. On this day, the share price of the bank is increased by Rs. 6 and the final price of Rs. 355 has been maintained. Of all the 13 groups that traded on the day, the highest increase was 5.36 percent in the hotel and tourism group.

Similarly, 5.7 percent on microfinance, 4.59 percent on non-life insurance group, 4.44 percent on life insurance, 3.13 percent on production and processing, 2.98 percent on others, 1.85 percent on development bank, 1.51 percent on banking and 1.29 percent on investment. The index of mutual funds have increased by 1.23 percent, hydropower by 0.65 percent, finance by 0.56 percent and trade by 0.36 percent.

The share prices of 10 companies have also risen at a higher rate in the market. Share prices of Swarojgar microfinance, Mithila microfinance and Suryodaya microfinance have risen 10 percent on this day

 Similarly, 9.99 percent of Samudayik microfinance, 9.98 percent of Summit Microfinance, 9.98 percent of Chandragiri Hills, 9.97 percent of Kisan Microfinance, 9.96 percent of Swabhiman Microfinance, 9.79 percent of United Idi Mardi and 9.18 percent of Sabaiko microfinance per share have increased.

Shares of Green Life Hydropower Limited and Khanikhola Hydropower fell more than 6 percent in the day. Greenlife Hydropower fell 6.6 percent and reached to Rs. 372 per unit and Khanikhola Hydropower decreased by 6.2 percent and has maintained to Rs. 125.