NEPSE dropped by 39.23 points; Nepal Telecom has the highest turnover

Kathmandu, March 3

The Nepse index declined by 1.60 percent on Wednesday. The Nepse index dropped by 39.23 points and reached 2,416 points compared to the previous trading day. The open market had reached 2,453.37 points from 2,449.23 points on this day.

The market closed lower on Wednesday than on Tuesday. The Nepse index was closed at 2,455.33 points on Tuesday. On this day, the sensitive index has also decreased by 1.60 percent. The Sensitive Index fell by 7.12 points to 436.80 points.

Although the Nepse index decreased compared to the previous trading day, the transaction amount has increased. On Tuesday, a total of 1,31,06,738 shares worth Rs 6.11 billion were traded.

On Wednesday, a total of 1,13,92,135 shares worth Rs 6.25 billion were traded. The transaction took place in 212 companies of 63,674 transactions.

Shares of Nepal Telecom Company have been traded the most on this day. The company’s total of Rs. 299.76 million shares were traded. The company on Wednesday raised its stake and the proposal to distribute cash dividend at the rate of Rs 40 was made public..

Shares of Salt Trading Corporation and Chandragiri Hills Ltd. raised  by 10 percent on the day, while Himalayan Power Partners raised by 8.16 percent. The share price of Salt Trading Corporation is Rs. 929 and the final price is Rs. 10,222, Chandragiri Hills per capita increased by Rs. 50 and the final price is Rs. 550 and Himalayan Power Partner increased by Rs. 32 and the final price has been reached to Rs. 424.

Shares of Asian Life Insurance and Barun Hydropower fell more than 6 percent on the day. 6.36 percent of Asian Life Insurance or Rs. 81 has fell per capita and the final price is Rs. 1,193 and 6.6 percent of Barun Hydropower fell  i.e. Rs. 14 and the final price is Rs. 217 has been maintained.