Nepse down by 13 points, Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower’s highest turnover (2 pm update)

Kathmandu, March 16

On Tuesday, in the third hour of trading, Nepse index fell by 13.85 points and reached to 2,375.34 points.

A market declined by 0.58 percent, where 215 companies transaction of Rs. 2 billion 186 million 36 thousand has been bought and sold.

 Of the 13 groups traded in the third hour; banking, trade, development banks, hydropower, finance, non-life insurance, others, life insurance and investment groups declined. While hotels and tourism, manufacturing and processing, microfinance and mutual funds raised. Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower has the highest turnover during this period. The company’s total of 126.9 million shares have been traded. The company’s share price has risen and being traded at Rs. 639.

Nepal Infrastructure Bank is the second most traded company in terms of transaction amount. The per capita income of the company is Rs. 533 and  Rs. 111.6 million worth of shares have been bought and sold.