NCC Bank to sell debentures at 9.50% interest

Kathmandu, March 25

Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank (NCC) is opening the sale of bonds from Chaitra 13 (Friday).

The company is about to sell 30 lakh bonds with an interest rate of 9.50 percent for a period of 10 years. The company has named the bond as “9.50 percent NCC bond 2086”.

The face value of the bond is Rs. 1000 per unit. Out of the total bonds only 11 lakh 40 thousand are being made public for the general public.

The company has already distributed 60 lakh bonds to the collective investment fund and the remaining 18 lakh shares will be sold by the company itself to various individuals or organizations.

There is an arrangement to apply for a minimum of 25 lots and a maximum of 300,000 lots for the purchase of this bond, which will be on sale till Chaitra 18 at the earliest and till Chaitra 27 at the latest.

Nabil Investment Banking Limited is the sales manager of this bond. Along with the sales manager, applications can be submitted for the purchase of bonds from all the banks and financial institutions participating in NCC Bank’s central office in Bagwazar, Kathmandu and C-ASBA services.

Also, there is an arrangement to buy this bond from my stock software. ICRA Nepal has given ICRA NPL Triple B rating to this bond indicating Securities Board of Nepal to sell the bonds on Magh 10.