Nabil Investment Introduces ‘Portfolio Management Services’ for Share Investors

Kathmandu, March 22

Nabil Investment Banking Limited has launched ‘Nabil Invest Satellite Portfolio Management Service’ targeting investors who want to enter in the stock market.

Investors receiving this service will not have to pay any annual fee. The company has stated that it will charge a fee for the performance fee only if the investment in the portfolio management service is profitable based on the fluctuations of the market based on efficient portfolio analysis and in-depth analysis.

As per the company, Investors wishing to enter the service need to the valuation of least Rs 2.5 million in cash or a valuation of shares of the same value.

The company is confident that investors who have taken full advantage of the various schemes operated by the company in the past and those who want to make new investments can also take full advantage of this facility.

Similarly, the interests of investors and entrepreneurs, Nabil Invest has been bringing all the facilities related to international level financial services and investment banking and merchant banking in operation in recent days. These include investment and private equity consulting, business clinics, feasibility studies, connecting entrepreneurs and investors and providing easy and fast bank loans, all under one roof.