Nabil Bank honored Chef Santosh Shah by “Heroes of Nepal”

Kathmandu, March 25

Nabil Bank has started organizing “Heroes of Nepal” as a platform to honor Nepali’s. Nepalese, who have succeeded in keeping Nepal’s head high by introducing Nepal in the national and international platform. In the second edition of Heroes of Nepal, the successful chef Santosh Shah has been honored by introducing Nepal in the international area.

Chef Santosh Shah, representing Nepal in the UK’s Master Chef program, has made every Nepali proud by introducing Nepali dishes to the world and also displaying Nepali etiquette and friendly spirit. During the panel discussion between Chef Santosh Shah, Anil Keshari Shah and Anushka Shrestha, Chef Santosh Shah spoke about his inspiring achievements as well as the challenges of his life’s journey.

Through this program, the bank has been able to reach the inner level of the inspiring sector. The event was also attended by senior management of the bank.

Nabil Bank honored Chef Santosh Shah for his inspiring achievements as an incentive to continue his excellent monitoring. Following this, Nabil Bank has also committed to build an e-library in Chef Shah’s hometown and provide scholarships to five female students.

Nabil Bank plans to continue this series in the coming days. The Bank intends to motivate young people to do something great in their lives so that they can be inspired by their life journey.