Mega Bank to provide Auto rickshaw collateral loan facility

Kathmandu, March 30

Mega Bank Nepal Limited has brought special facility for self-driving drivers in purchasing auto rickshaws. Mega Bank and Hansraj Hulaschand & Company have signed an agreement to purchase three-wheeled auto rickshaws and provide loans to the drivers who operate the rickshaws on their own. The agreement has been signed by Anupama Khunjeli, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mega Bank and Abhimanyu Golchha, Director of Hansraj Hulaschand & Company Private Limited.

The agreement is aimed at making poor and low-income rickshaw pullers entrepreneurs. Rickshaw drivers will have to purchase their own three-wheeled auto rickshaws and operate them themselves. For that, it is enough to pledge the same rickshaw.

Khunjeli, CEO of Mega Bank, said that most of the low-income people who want to earn money by buying auto rickshaws will be provided loans from branch offices across the country at affordable interest rates.

Mega Bank will provide this loan to the drivers who want to purchase and operate auto rickshaws subject to the poor class loan guideline of Nepal Rastra Bank and simple loan and concessional interest subsidy loan procedure of the bank.