Mahalaxmi Life Insurance trained staff on “Asset Purification”

Kathmandu, March 4

Mahalaxmi Life Insurance Limited has provided training to its employees on money purification and prevention of financial investment in terrorist activities.

In the training program organized today at Landmark Hotel in Kathmandu, all the branch and sub-branch heads of Provience No. 3 were present. Senior Assistant, Sapna Kharel trained the staff on how to identify money earned from criminal and terrorist activities, and how to report suspicious transactions.

The second phase of the training to be conducted today will include training on insurance products and its sales areas, effective underwriting methods and market strategies to reach rural areas. Deputy Chief Executive Officers Kamal Panthi and Rameshwar Shrestha, Head of Marketing Department Prashant Raj Dhamala and Head of Underwriting Department Prabhakar Neupane will impart training.

The company has made a program to provide refresher training to the office heads and employees of all the provinces by mid-July 2078 BS on money laundering and prevention of financial investment in terrorist activities. Similarly, the company has stated that the objective is to reduce the illegal money in the life insurance sector by providing this training to the agents.