Last day to secure dividend of IME General Insurance; Distubiting 7.37 percent dividend

Kathmandu, April 13

Today is the last day to secure the proposed dividend for the last financial year of IME General Insurance Limited.

The company has decided to close the book for the purpose of annual general meeting and dividend from the 2nd of Baisakh until the meeting is over. This means that as tomorrow is the public holiday of Baisakh 1 (New Year), the existing shareholders till Chaitra 31 will be eligible to receive dividends and participate in the meeting.

The company has proposed to distribute a total of 7.37 percent dividend to the shareholders from the last fiscal year’s profit. Of which 7 percent is bonus share and 0.37 percent is cash (for tax purposes). The proposed dividend will be implemented after the approval of the company’s annual general meeting on Baisakh 12. The same meeting will also pass a proposal to distribute 40% of the paid-up capital after the distribution of bonus shares.