Jyoti Bikas Bank released third quarter financial statement; Raised profit by 38 percent

Kathmandu, April 22

Jyoti Development Bank Ltd., has published the company’s financial statement of third quarter on Thursday. According to the financial statement, the net profit of the company in the third quarter of the current fiscal year has increased by 38.19 percent over the previous year.

The unaudited financial statements of the third quarter of the company shows that the company has raised net profit of Rs. 60 crore 25 lakh 12  thousand. In the previous year, at the same time the profit was Rs. 43 crore 60 lakh 7 thousand.

The company’s net profit has increased along with the increase in operating profit by 38.24 percent. Last year, the company has an operating profit of Rs. 62 crore 31 lakh 52 thousand. Whereas, in this year, the profit is Rs. 86 crore 14 lakh 65 thousand.

The company’s distributable profit for the third quarter stood at Rs. 43 crore 31 lakh 40 thousand. Last year, in this same period the company’s distributable profit was Rs. 9 crore 54 lakh.  The company’s paid-up capital has been reached to Rs. 3 arba 84 crore 48 lakh 22 thousand while the reserve fund increased by 27.80 percent and reached to Rs. 85 crore 21 lakh 46 thousand.

The non-performing loan ratio, which was 0.76 percent last year, has become to 0.58 percent this year. By the third quarter, the company’s earnings per share stood at Rs. 20.89 and a net worth of shares is Rs. 133.53.