Inauguration of newly constructed infrastructures of Oil Corporation’s Bagmati Regional Office

Kathmandu, March 7

The new infrastructures have been inaugurated along with the upgrade of Bagmati Regional Office of Nepal Oil Corporation at Thankot, Chandragiri Municipality-3.

On Saturday, Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Lekhraj Bhatta inaugurated the new infrastructures constructed along with the upgrade of the provincial office. The first phase of the reengineering project was inaugurated by RCC Axis Road and Boundary Wall Minister Bhatt under office upgrade, construction of modern TLF shed, parking yard for 200 tank truck parking, fire fighting system, floor meter and civil works.

This office was established in 2058 BS as the fuel depot of Nepal Oil Rules. It is spread over 106 ropanis. The depot has tanks with a storage capacity of 8,400 kiloliters of diesel, 6,070 kiloliters of petrol and 760 kiloliters of kerosene.

Secretary at the Ministry of Industry and Chairman of the Board of Directors Dinesh Bhattarai, Chief of Chandragiri Municipality Ghanshyam Giri and others were present at the inauguration program.