In India, people infected with the corona virus is on the rise again

Kathmandu, March 22

According to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Monday, about 47,000 people have been covid infected in India in the last 24 hours.

This is the highest number of corona infections in the last 24 hours since the beginning of the year. The death toll from the corona outbreak raised to 159,967 during the period, the ministry said on Monday.

The total number of infected people in India has reached 11.646 million so far, the ministry said. Out of the total infected, three lakh 34 thousand 646 people are still infected while a total of 11 million 51 thousand 468 people have been cleared of the infection. A vaccination campaign against the corona virus was launched in India in January. Since then, more than 45 million people have been vaccinated.

In the last 24 hours, 823 people have been infected with the corona virus and one has died in the national capital of India. A total of 10,956 people have died in New Delhi since the start of the Corona.

Similarly, corona testing is also underway, according to the Medical Research Council of India. According to the council, more than 234 million people have had their corona tested in India as of Sunday. On Sunday, more than 1 million 63 thousand corona were tested on the same day.