How to give comfort to the eyes while working on the computer?

With the advent of virtual social network, android mobile technology, its users seem to be suffering from eye problems in one way or another day by day. Due to the lockdown, offices and schools are not open, so work and reading is being done from home. Ophthalmologists have warned that the continued use of such gadgets could lead to a variety of eye problems in the near future.

Computer users need to take the following steps to keep their eyes healthy:

– If you have been working on a computer or mobile screen for a long time, take a break from work and keep it in the fridge or spray clean cold water on your eyes. This action will greatly relieve your eye pain and burning problems.

– Constantly working your eyes on the computer screen, it puts pressure on your eyes. So rest in the middle of work, walk, blink and open the eyes and use juicy fruits.

– When you stare at the computer for a long time without blinking your eyes, it makes your eyes dry and also affects your eyesight. To reduce eye fatigue, massage the palms of both hands around the eyebrows and eyelids with a lightly rubbed hand.

– Mix a little rose water in a bowl of clean cold water. Soak the solution in a clean cloth or cotton and apply it on the eyes for 5 minutes. This will also relief the eyes.