Here are the Properties of “Akbari Khursani”

Chili is a popular vegetable and spice crop. There are many types of peppers. Akbari Khursani is considered to be a very sweet and popular Khursani. The bitter ingredient in chili is called capsicum and the plant is called capsicum.

Akabari Khursani is used as a spice. It is also used as an industrial raw material. Its ripe fruit can be used to make pickles, sauces, ketchup essence, oleoresim and other Nepali dishes. In Nepali society, this pepper is known as gastric medicine.

It is also considered to be the best remedy for migraine. Regular consumption of this chili can prevent cancer to some extent. It plays a special role in preventing diabetes. Helps to increase red blood cells in the body. Helps to reduce urinary problems.

Since the food cooked by Akbari is sterile, it is better to add a little bit of chilli in any vegetable.

Akbari Khursani is very tasty. Its hidden green fruit is rich in Vitamin A, C and various other vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.