Gurkhas Finance Calls for AGM; FY 2076/77 agenda to be discussed

Kathmandu, April 11

Gurkhas Finance Limited has convened its 26th annual general meeting on Baisakh 21. The company has called a meeting at Amrapali Banquet, Kathmandu for 11 am.

Considering the risk of Corona epidemic, the meeting will be held through virtual medium (video conference). The decision was taken at a meeting of the company’s board of directors held on Chaitra 26.

In the proposal of the meeting, the report of the board of directors for the fiscal year 2076/77 will be discussed and passed and the appointment of the auditor and his remuneration will be determined. The company is preparing to close the book for the purpose of the general meeting from Baisakh 6 to Baisakh 21. On the basis of the book close, only the existing shareholders till Baisakh 5 will be eligible to participate in the meeting.