Gurkhas Finance AGM being held on Baisakh 21; Only shareholders till Baisakh 5 can join the meeting

Kathmandu, April 16

Gurkhas Financial Limited has convened its 26th Annual General Meeting on Baisakh 21.

For the meeting, the company is going to close the book from Baisakh 6 to the day of the meeting. On the basis of the book close, only the existing shareholders till Baisakh 6 will be able to participate in the meeting.

A meeting of the board of directors of the company held on Chaitra 26 has decided to hold a meeting at 11 am at Amrapali Banquet, Bhatbhateni, Kathmandu.

The meeting will pass the financial statements including the annual report of the last fiscal year 076/77 and decide on the appointment of the auditor for the current fiscal year and the determination of his / her remuneration.

In addition, the assembly will also elect six directors, including three from the founding group and three from the general group. The company has informed that the meeting will be held through virtual medium because of the covid risk. The company has not proposed a dividend this year.

The company has not distributed dividends since it distributed 7 percent bonus shares in the fiscal year 071/72. By that time, the company had made a net profit of Rs. 17 crore 3 lakh 55 thousand. The company’s paid-up capital is Rs. 86 crore 79 lakh 93 thousand.