Ghorahi Cement in case of closure

Ghorahi Cement in case of closure

Dang’s Ghorahi cement industry is in trouble due to the obstruction of local bodies in the mining area. The work of extracting limestone has been stopped for 10 months after the municipality did not allow the tipper to run on the grounds that the road was damaged and not repaired.

As a result, 70 workers working in the mine have become unemployed. If the disruption is prolonged, there is an increased risk that the industry may be shut down. As more than 200 tippers are operating daily, the municipality has been asking the industry to blacken the road saying that the road is damaged.
The operation of the tippers of the industry has been stopped since January 1 last due to not working on time. The industry is currently producing only 30 percent of its capacity.

The industry has the capacity to produce 5000 tons of clinker and 80,000 bags of cement per day, with an investment of 32 billion rupees.. The industry produces 43 and 53 grade OPC and PPC cement under Sagarmatha brand. Apart from Ghorahi, Samrat, Sona and Agni Cement also excavate limestone from Banglachuli mine. Although the municipality has stopped the vehicles of Ghorahi and Agni, it is allowing Samrat and Sona to quarry and transport limestone.

Out of this, 2 km of the road has been sloped and 1 km of tarmac remains. The industry has assured the municipality that the work will start soon. But the municipality has said that the road is not usable due to rain and has banned the operation of large vehicles.

It is mentioned in the notification of the municipality that tippers have been stopped because the industry has not paved the three kilometers road from Tapa Chowk to Chundhunga Khani on the Ghorahi-Murkuti road section.