Garima Bikas Bank profit increased by 36.63 percent

Kathmandu, April 20

Garima Bikas Bank Ltd., has released its financial statement of the third quarter. The company’s profit has increased by 36.63 percent. As per the financial statement published by the bank, the bank has made a profit of Rs. 67 crore 82 lakh. The bank’s profit was Rs. 49 crore 64 lakh in the previous year. The bank has earned Rs. 1 arba 35 crore from interest income.

Garima Development Bank, which has a paid-up capital of Rs 3 arba 67 crore, has made a profit of Rs. 49 crore that can be distributed to the shareholders. The bank has given a loan of Rs. 50 arba by collecting Rs 59 arba 20 crore in deposits. In the previous year, at the same time, deposits were Rs. 42 arba 43 lakh and loans were Rs. 34 arba 86 lakh.

The capital adequacy ratio of Garima Development Bank is 11.63 percent and the NPL ratio is 0.58 percent. The loan-to-deposit ratio is 80.28 percent, the base rate is 8.16 percent and the spread rate is 4.81 percent.