Finance companies share price raised in a week; Which companies have increased share price?

Kathmandu, April 11

The share prices of most finance companies have risen in the past week. Of the 15 companies traded, three declined while the rest raised.

The shares price Reliance company has raised the most in a week by Rs. 66. The company’s share price raised from Rs. 240 to Rs. 306. The company has set a date for a general meeting to pass a dividend proposal. The company has called a general meeting on Baisakh 22 to distribute 10 percent bonus shares and 0.53 percent cash dividend from the last year’s profit to the shareholders for tax purposes. The 10 percent dividend has attracted the investors.

Nepal Finance, Gurkhas Finance and United Finance have lose there share price. Before the last week, the share price of non-life insurance companies and hydropower group companies had increased, while in the last week, the share price of finance companies has attracted investors.