Citizen stock dealer started formal trading; How many shares were bought and sold today?

Kathmandu, March 30

Citizen Stock Dealer Company Ltd., a subsidiary of Citizens Investment Trust, has formally started trading in the secondary market from Tuesday.

Citizen stock dealers started trading securities on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) from 501 broker number on Tuesday. According to an official of Citizen Stock Dealer, the business has been started with an investment of Rs 3.5 arba. “We have started investing in some of the 39 scripts provided by Nepse,” the official said.

Today, the Citizen Stock Dealer has sold a total of 9,000 shares worth Rs. 12,843,520 and bought 471 shares at Rs. 4,23,900. According to the officials, citizen stock dealers will be able to buy and sell other stock from other brokers than the stock given by NEPSE.