Citizen Bank released third quarter financial statement; Earned profit of more than one arba

Kathmandu, April 20

Citizens Bank International Limited has released its financial statements for the third quarter of the current fiscal year on Tuesday.

According to the financial statement, the company’s net profit has increased by 41.61 percent this year as compared to the same period last year. Last year in the same period, the company has made a net profit of Rs. 1 arba 9 crore 12 lakh 45 thousand whereas, this year it has made a profit of Rs 1 arba 54 crore 53 lakh 40 thousand.

The distributable profit that can be distributed as dividend to the shareholders of the company till the third quarter is Rs. 1 arba 34 crore  62 lakh 30 thousand. Till this quarter, the company’s regulatory reserve has Rs. 3 crore 14 lakh 68 thousand.

The company’s operating profit has increased by 29.38 percent this year as compared to last year. Last year, the company has made an operating profit of Rs. 1 arba 52 crore 31 lakh 47 thousand and made of Rs. 1 arba 97 crore 7 lakh 2 thousand profit in this year.  

Net interest income has also increased by 43.68 percent this year as compared to last year. Last year, the company has made net interest income of Rs. 2 arba 24 crore 48 lakh 13 thousand and this year of Rs. 2 arba 54 crore 8 lakh 20 thousand.

Currently, the company’s paid-up capital is Rs. 11 arba 66 crore 20 lakh 40 thousand while the reserve fund amount is Rs. 4 arba 9 crore 10 lakh 94 thousand. The reserve fund amount is 20.58 percent more this year than last year.

The company has collected 43.68 percent more deposits and disbursed 37.92 percent loans this year than last year. This year, the company’s non-performing loan ratio is higher than last year. The non-performing loan, which was 0.97 percent last year, has reached 1.83 percent this year. By the third quarter, the company’s earnings per share stood at Rs. 20.72 and a net worth of Rs. 146.87 per share.