September 25, 2022, Sunday

Charlie Chaplin:Some Interesting Facts

Charlie Chaplin is the world’s greatest comedian, filmmaker and composer. He was one of the most creative and influential personalities in the era of non-dialogue and silent films. Everyone from children to the elderly loved his acting and laughed after watching his acting for hours.

He is known among the youth as a comedian. As a slapstick comedy and silent film superstar, Charlie is remembered for his contributions to the silent film.

His father, Charles Spencer Chaplin, and mother, Hannah Chaplin, used to sing and act in the Senior Music Hall. When Charlie was a child, his mother became mentally ill.

He was taken to a lunatic asylum. Charlie’s father died of alcoholism when he was 12 years old. Thus, at a young age, he lost the closeness of mother and father.

Charlie got his first chance to act in ‘Legitimate Stage Show’ at the age of 12. He first appeared on the stage as a ‘cat’.

Charlie then began his career as a comedian in Vaudeville in 1908, eventually becoming the lead actor of the Friend Carno Reporter Company in the United States. The character became popular among the American audience.

Some Interesting Facts About Charlie Chaplin:

Early childhood career

At the age of five, Charlie took on the role of an unhealthy mother and sang his first song, “Jack Jones,” at the Soma Sainik Crowd. At the age of 12, he appeared in the role of “Cat the Page Boy”.

His eyes were blue

The audience thought Charlie’s eyes were gray. Because of the black and white era, viewers could not see Charlie’s beautiful blue eyes.

Charlie never became an American citizen

Although he lived in the United States for 40 years, he never became a citizen of the United States. In 1952, after the US government told Chaplin not to return to the United States, he spent the rest of his life in Switzerland.

Failed to win a competition that looked like Charlie Chaplin

In 1915, Chaplin competed in the Charlie Chaplin Look-a-Like contest. He was not recognized by the judges and spectators of the competition. Charlie himself became third in the competition.