Chandragiri Hills published third quarter financial report: Net loss over 18 crore rupees

Kathmandu, April 19

Chandragiri Hills Limited has published its financial statements of the third quarter of the current fiscal year on Monday. As per the financial report, the company has made net loss of Rs. 18 crore 11 lakh 20 thousand.

The company’s loss has increased compared to the same period last year. At the same time of previous year, the company was in loss of Rs. 2 crore 18 lakh 8 thousand. The company’s net loss has increased this year as compared to last year.

By the third quarter of last year, the company had made operating income of Rs. 41 crore 22 lakh 11 thousand but this year it has earned only Rs. 17 crore 42 lakh 20 thousand. The company’s total expenses have also declined as operating income has declined. Last year, the company’s total expenditure was of Rs. 23 crore 4 lakh 72 thousand. Whereas, this year the total expenditure is of Rs. 17 crore 66 lakh 9 thousand.
The company’s stock was listed on the secondary market on Magh 23 after issuing an IPO to the public from Poush 24 to Poush 28. The share price of the company, which started trading in the secondary market from Magh 23, is Rs. 2,409. The company has a paid-up capital of Rs. 1 arba 53 crore 40 lakh 91 thousand.

The total assets of the company is Rs. 3 arba 82 crore 51 lakh 21 thousand while the total liability is Rs. 2 arba 61 crore 18 lakh 68 thousand. During this period, the company’s net worth per share is Rs. 79.09 while the earnings per share is Rs. 11.81, which seems loss.

The company has informed that the business has been affected due to Corona Pandemic. During the third quarter, the company operated an average of 1,400 visitors per day and the average occupancy rate at the resort was 40 percent.