CDSC claims the problem in ‘Mero Share’ portal sorted; There won’t be problem in filling the upcoming IPO

Kathmandu, April 11

The work of upgrading CDSC’s ‘Mero Share’ portal has almost reached the final stage.

The CDSC had informed about the upgrading of ‘Mero Share’ portal about two weeks ago. According to CDSC spokesperson, Suresh Neupane, the work of level one has been completed and the work of upgrading has almost reached the final stage.

According to Neupane, CDSC has recently added two state-of-the-art servers to make it easier for users to operate Mero Share. He said, “Currently, there are about 25 servers in operation.”

Neupane claims that the same problem as before will not be seen in ‘Mero Share’ now. “But the server will work depending on numbers of user,” he added. Neupane says that if the new IPO is easily filled by users, we can say that the server is run smoothly.