Brokers to pay a fee when taking API from CDSC

Kathmandu, March 12

Now stock brokers also have to pay a fee when applying for Application Programming Interface (API) from CDS and Clearing Limited (CDSC).

Currently, CDSC was providing free real-time data after buying and selling securities to brokers through the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE). But now, stock brokers also have to pay a certain fee to CDSC for API.  Stock brokers can get it directly from CDSC only after paying a certain fee for API, says CDSC CEO Purna Prasad Acharya.

Currently, the data of DP Holding (stock balance) of the client (investor) of the stock broker is flowing from CDSC to Nepse through the broker’s Trading Management System (TMS). Now, every stock broker company has to become a separate TMS and pay a certain fee to the CDSC for the DP holding data of the client (investor) of the respective broker company, the CDSC said.

Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) and Nepse have instructed to make separate TMS for each broker after the participation of investors in the TMS manufactured by Nepse. According to the same directive, stock brokers are preparing to make TMS after taking API from Nepse.