BREAKING: “Nepal- Bangladesh disagrees with Nabil”

Kathmandu, March 18

The acquisition discussions regarding Nabil Bank Limited with Nepal Bangladesh Bank have been postponed as no conclusion has been reached.

According to the Sources, the third discussion held on Wednesday with Bangladeshi investors who have invested heavily in Nepal Bangladesh Bank has blocked the way to reach a conclusion of the discussion.

“We have moved to buy Bangladesh Bank,” the source said.
“If Bangladesh Bank investors are not willing to compromise on the share swap ratio, the ongoing talks could end forever. There was no agreement in our discussions with Bangladesh Bank. And the chances of reaching an agreement are zero as by now”, said the source. Adding, “Now, we will be engaged in discussions with other banks.”

Investors in Bangladesh Bank had asked Nabil for a share swap ratio of up to Rs 35. Nabil, on the other hand, has come to the conclusion that Bangladesh cannot be taken at Rs 35 as it is a weak commercial bank. According to sources, Nabil’s analysis is that the bank cannot give more than Rs 20 to Bangladesh Bank.