Balephi Hydropower and Green Ventures applied to the board for IPO

Kathmandu, March 18

Balephi Hydropower Limited and Green Ventures Limited have submitted application for IPO to the Securities Board of Nepal.

Balefi Hydropower applied for IPO on Falgun 25 and Green Ventures have applied on Falgun 28. Both companies are preparing to issue IPOs for project-affected locals and the general public.

Balefi Hydropower has provided Rs. 365.594 million equal to 36.55 million 940 lots and Green Ventures is about to sell 6.25 million IPO lots worth Rs. 625 million

Both companies have also appointed sales managers for IPO sales. The IPO sales manager of Balephi Hydropower is Global IME Capital and the sales manager of Green Ventures Limited is Laxmi Capital Market Limited.