Are You Facing Facial Problem by Wearing a Mask? Here are Some ways to Avoid Facial Problems

Masks play an important role in reducing the spread of corona virus. So it is unlikely that you will ever use it. There are different types of masks. The job of all types of masks is to protect them from smoke, dust and germs.

With regular use of masks, various problems have started appearing on the skin of the face.

Ways to avoid skin problems caused by masks:

Special skin care:

Wash your face daily and apply moisturizer regularly. Proper skin care helps prevent various problems. Cleanse your face twice a night. This reduces the risk of infection by wearing a mask throughout the day. Then apply toner, moisturizer well.

Lip care:

The lips of a person wearing a mask may be more dry and sticky. Therefore, applying lip balm or petroleum jelly or Vaseline on the lips does not dry the lips.

Wear a mask properly:

A reusable mask can also be used for this. When using such a mask again, it should be washed thoroughly and dried in the sun. If possible, open the mask every four hours after washing your hands, looking for a proper and safe place and position. A safe place to open a mask is when you are outside the house, 6 feet away from other people, or at home or in your car.

Less use of makeup:

It is best not to use makeup unless you need to. The use of masks makes the skin very sensitive. In such a case, it is better not to start applying any new type of cosmetics. If you have to do makeup, you have to use special cosmetics and methods. Keeping in mind that masks are applied while applying makeup, it is advisable to apply matte finish powder on a light moisturizer in a dabbing motion without using foundation, concealer, setting powder, compact powder, setting spray as much as possible.