December 3, 2023, Sunday

Agreement with 33 organizations to operate public toilets in Kathmandu

Agreement with 33 organizations to operate public toilets in Kathmandu

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has entered into agreements with 33 organizations that have shown interest in bringing their toilets to public use. Agreements were reached on Monday with representatives of 32 organizations including banks, restaurants, schools, publishing houses and business complexes.

Director Nurnidhi Neupane has signed the agreement in the presence of Balendra Sah (Balen), Deputy Chief Sunita Dangol and Chief Administrative Officer Loknath Poudyal. Similarly, representatives from the other side have signed. An agreement has already been reached with Nabil Bank. The agreement is for the next five years. During this period, the association will make available its own toilets for public use.

They will be responsible for the maintenance of the toilets provided in this way, provision of necessary materials for cleaning and provision of water and perfume items. Because of this, the service recipients will not be coerced or encouraged to avail their services. One representative from each side will be appointed to monitor and evaluate the condition of the toilets operated in this way. They will report every 4 months.

Those who are interested in making public the toilets of hotels, restaurants, banks, commercial buildings, companies, firms and non-governmental organizations within the metropolitan area were called upon to contact the public-private partnership unit of the metropolis. Based on the published information, 38 organizations came in contact in seven days. Some of them said that the logo of the public toilet will be made while some of those who were contacted could not be contacted at the time of the agreement.

“It simply came to our notice then. No one is taxed. Giving a brief response after the agreement, the chief of the metropolis, Sah, said, “Those who do business have come to serve. I would like to commend it. There is no pressure on anyone. We need to work together, not under pressure. ”

On behalf of the signatories, Chief Executive Officer of Kamana Seva Vikas Bank, Pravin Basnet, said that cooperation with the metropolis was possible in the areas of tree planting, greenery promotion and heritage restoration.

The sign is designed to make it easier for the general public to identify public toilets and to identify all public toilets. Blue background inside the circle, above it is written in white letters in Nepali language ‘public toilet’. In the middle is a white sign for men and women. At the end of the sign is written ‘Public Toilet’ in English.

Agreed unions

1) Times Square, Lodge & Bar, Baluwatar

2) Pashupati View Hotel & Restaurant, Balkumari Toll

3) Dental Villa, Ward no. 14, Balkhu

4) Under Devyani International Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

    C) Pizza Hut, Ward no. 1 Durbar Marg

    B) KFC, Ward no. 1 Durbar Marg

    C) KFC, Ward no. 6 Buddhists

5) Dak Galbi Korean House, Lakesu Street, Basantapur

6) Hotel Ratnajyoti, Parisdanda

7) Nexus Global Visa & Immigration Pvt. Ltd., Shankhamul

8) Food Pvt. Ltd., Gaushala

9) Sangrila Development Bank, Baluwatar

10) Babylon National School, Shantinagar

11) OTC Kitchen Restaurant, Baluwatar

12) Nepal Publications, Dilli Bazaar

13) Vasundhara & Gongbu Area Restaurant, Vasundhara

14) Goma Laxmi International, Thamel

15) Gharana Lunch & Bar, Baneshwor

16) Kamana Seva Vikas Bank, Kuleshwar, Boudh, Thamel, Gyaneshwar, Kalanki, Bhimsengola, New Baneshwar, New Road,

17) City Express Money Transfer, Kamaladi

18) Name Institute for Medical Education Pvt. Ltd., Putalisadak

19) RDX Bar Pvt. Thamel

20) Nepalgunj Biryani, Dilli Bazaar Peopleboat

21) Carnival Resto and Meeting, Bijuli Bazaar

22) Bardali Rest and Meeting, Shankhamool

22) National Business Trade Center, Kalanki

23) Sangrila Development Bank, Baluwatar

24) Binka Long, Camp

25) Progressio Vistro Pebble Restaurant, Buddhist

26) Milaland Development Pvt. Ltd., Kalanki

27) Crimpji Adventure Hub, Buddhist

28) Burger Hub & KCA Chicken, Bijulibazar

29) Anupam Foodland, Battisputli

30) Retreat Cafe, Buddhist

31) Chicken station

32) Stupa Hub, Buddhist